Sunday, October 26, 2008

I fletch therefore I vote!

I voted today, by mail. Even though I see the signs around on lawns, left and right, the bulk of the issues beyond the Presidential race completely escaped me. Doing the legwork to make an even marginally informed decision took better than two hours today. On this wondrous occasion I would like to thank all those people and resources that made my hopefully correctly completed ballot count: the googles, friends via email, the sample ballot sent to me weeks ago, and candidates with websites. Most of all, I offer thanks to the League of Women Voters. Damn! They really put together a tight package, linking to everything that counts and clarifies. There are still a couple of mysteries, that even with some serious thought, I could not fully decipher (e.g., Proposition 7). While I happily wear the sticker, I am still concerned that in this age, my ability to construct an arrow with a thin shaft of blue or black (not red!) will determine the impact of my voice. Actually, I am more concerned about those who are more inclined to launch, rather than draw, arrows.

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