Thursday, November 27, 2008

Deep-fried bird

Finally had a deep-fried turkey.
Canola oil used in lieu of peanuts:
one guest was allergic to said legume
and its oil. The difference between
the baked and fried turkey is palpable.
While both were delicious, the reports
of exceptionally moist meat from the
latter are true. Dry meat has always
appealed to me, from the chops at
Opie's to the run of the mill
oven-baked turkey, so it is a little
difficult to be impartial. In any event
I did find myself thinking of the frying
potential, looking around for Twinkies
and Snickers bars that had not yet
been prepared. No such luck. That is
probably just as well, given the default
gluttony already afoot.

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