Sunday, August 17, 2008

Context and a side of hash

Yesterday it occurred to me that one of the
things that text messaging has so winningly
accomplished is to squelch the impudence of
telephone communication. Letters are written,
hidden, and revealed with a pace that seems,
at the very least, more measured than a call.
Plus, you can pore over text long after transmission,
without the trappings of behaviors to merit impeachment.

In a lean toward reduced functionality, I was quite
taken with this super phone that I originally noticed
on notcot. Secretly I hoped it was actually just a
stick and that the stick would somehow explode
the phone phenomenon inwardly, paradoxically
introducing the latest fad in wood technology to
salivating puds everywhere: the 3G shingle.
Not so: it has a screen.

Just the same, as I was sitting around, going over
some unanswered emailings, a text arrived, so concise
that the Swiss guy across the street was likely
stirred by a karmic wind, and for the moment
and the moments subsequent, I continued to
embrace the sort of behavior that on occasion
has me otflmfao.

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