Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Day of Destiny!

I voted. Obama - Biden. NO on 4. NO on 8.

I'm scared. Here we are at Stanford University, and the voting process is unclear, clunky, and slow. There are at least 3 precincts that vote at the same location (Grad Community Center) on campus, but when we arrived at 7:45 am there was one line wrapping around the building. Having experienced a 2 hour wait to vote during the democratic primary, we knew to look for a shorter line for our specific precinct. We found it, and then still waited about a half hour to make it to the front of the line. I spoke with a lawyer that was there to ensure that the voting was proceeding without trouble. He was trying to help sort out the mess with the different precincts.

Finally, I received my ballot, but all the booths were full, so I had to prop up a shield on a table while I voted. Tell me, how is it acceptable that the process of selecting a choice on the ballot is unclear? Given two pieces of a chunky black arrow, would you know to draw a thin line in between the chunks of the arrow to make a selection? Come on! It is not acceptable that I had to read the instructions as to how to fill out my ballot. For such a critical decision with so much at stake, the ballot needs to be intuitive and mistake proof. I'm disappointed.

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