Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election - CHECK!

I can't do anything. I'm too nervous. Polls are closing on the east coast. Soon the flow of results, exit polls, predictions, contradictions, voter fraud, mobs, lost ballots, and provisional circumstantiation will crowd all of my senses and I'll at least feel like I'm not doing something for a reason. Right now, I'm fiddling. This is a great time to make a to-do list - a very ornate, multi-color, well-crafted to-do list.

I wonder what Barack Obama's to-do list for today looks like? I hope he has one.

[] win election

I hope he has a special pen for checking off the check box too. If I were him, I'd spend a bit of time selecting the perfect pen to check off that box. If you're reading this, Barack, go with something permanent, maybe a Prismacolor Premier marker (broad side) in Mediterranean Blue (aka Bleu Mediterraneen). It matches the spot-on graphic language of your campaign. If you're nervous right now, make a few practice check marks while you're waiting for the results to come in.

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